Episode 1

Lee Sung Chun kills his best friend accidentally and takes care of his widow and her son. Their presence creates a strain in the household. Yeon Soo leaves the orphanage for Seoul; when her best friend, Sae Na, fails to locate her in Seoul as arranged, it causes a misunderstanding.
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Episode 2

Yeon Soo intervenes when Min Ji creates a scene in public, Min Chul is grateful and presents her with a gift. Sae Na participates in an audition organised by Victory Records, she embroils in an arguement with Min Ji and is further upset when she sees Yeon Soo. [full guide]

Episode 3

Yeon Soo asks Min Chul for a favor to groom Sae Na, she is relieved when he agrees to think about it. Min Ji and Sae Na crossed paths at a lounge and their conflict is aggravated when Sae Na torches the lounge; Min Chul and Yeon Soo are dismayed by the turn of events. [full guide]

Episode 4

Min Chul offers Yeon Soo a position as a governess to Min Ji in return for grooming Sae Na. Sae Na is excited when she is choosen to train as a singer in Victory Records and shares her joy with San Jae. Yeon Soo meets San Jae on her way to Min Chul's home. [full guide]

Episode 5

Min Chul is upset that Sung Chun has forgotten about his mother's death anniversary. Min Chul brings Yeon Soo to a dinner party and angers Sung Chun further. Myong Ja arranges a memorial service and angers Min Ji, San Jae is upset and and returns in a drunken stupor. [full guide]

Episode 6

Min Ji sells her artworks and presents Min Chul with a gift from her earnings, Min Chul is grateful to Yeon Soo for guiding Min Ji. Sae Na is shocked to learn about San Jae's identity and blames him for keeping it a secret. San Jae is delighted to learn that Yeon Soo is the little girl at the orphanage and breaks the news to her, their camaraderie upsets Min Chul. [full guide]

Episode 7

Sae Na is excited about an outdoor performance and invites San Jae to support her. Her performance is sabotaged by her rival and she seeks solace with Yeon Soo. Min Chul receives a call about Zero's whereabouts, he rushes to the hospital and is shocked to learn of his identity. [full guide]

Episode 8

Kyong Hee meets Myong Ja and tells her to reveal the secret about San Jae's birthright, Myong Ja is shocked by her words and pleads with Kyong Hee to keep it a secret. Min Chul and Yeon Soo fall out over San Jae; San Jae is dismayed by Min Chul's attitude and confronts him, confessing his love for Yeon Soo. [full guide]

Episode 9

San Jae is disappointed to learn about Min Chul and Yeon Soo's love for each other, he accepts her decision but assures her he will be there for her. Sae Na grows suspicious of Yeon Soo and is further angered to learn that she is staying at San Jae's home, Na Rae assures her that Yeon Soo's heart lies with Min Chul. [full guide]

Episode 10

Sae Na is upset that her rival has been choosen over her to release an album and seeks solace with San Jae. Min Chul grows suspicious of Sung Chun's past deeds after meeting with Kyong Hee, he digs into his past and is curious about Myong Ja's involvement. He sees San Jae with Kyong Hee and warns him about her. [full guide]

Episode 11

San Jae is shocked to learn the truth from his mother and seeks confirmation with Kyong Hee. Min Chul intends to tell Min Ji of his relationship with Yeon Soo, when Yeon Soo fails to turn up , he is greatly disappointed. He is infuriated when he sees Yeon Soo and San Jae together, he gets into a fight with San Jae. [full guide]

Episode 12

Yeon Soo's attempts to make up with Min Chul is faced with his aloofness, she decides to leave his home. San Jae is saddened by the turn of events and helps to reconcile the couple. Kyong Hee is disappointed that San Jae prefers to forget the past, she reveals that Sung Chun has taken advantage of his father's death. [full guide]

Episode 13

Min Chul is greatly affected by the truth concerning San Jae's birthright and confronts his father. He meets San Jae and expresses his regrets about the past. Kyong Hee offers San Jae a position in her music company and hints that a positive decision will benefit Sae Na's career. [full guide]

Episode 14

San Jae's decision to accept Kyong Hee's offer intensifies the business rivalry with Min Chul. San Jae is grateful for Yeon Soo's efforts in arranging for him to spend time with his mother, he assures her that he will assist Sae Na's career. Kyong Hee embarrasses Min Chul at a media conference by announcing the real identity of Zero. [full guide]

Episode 15

Sung Chun enraged by Min Chul and Yeon Soo's relationship, hints to Yeon Soo to leave. San Jae is angered by Yeon Soo's predicament and vents his displeasure at Min Chul. Min Chul proposes to Yeon Soo and informs San Jae of their engagement, San Jae attempts to dissuade Yeon Soo. [full guide]

Episode 16

Sae Na is upset about San Jae's feelings for Yeon Soo and confides her feelings for him. Min Chul learns of Sung Chun's murderous deeds towards San Jae's father and is greatly shocked. He makes a drastic decision and shocks Yeon Soo by calling off their engagement and ending their relationship. [full guide]

Episode 17

Sung Chun blames Bong Tal for revealing the past to Min Chul, Bong Tal exposes his crime to Kyong Hee in a fit of anger. Min Chul decides to leave the country with Min Ji despite Yeon Soo's pleas, San Jae confronts Min Chul about his attitude towards Yeon Soo. Kyong Hee reveals the truth to San Jae about his father's death. [full guide]

Episode 18

Min Chul apologises to San Jae on behalf of his father and informs him of his decision to leave the country. Yeon Soo accepts Min Chul's decision and sends him off at the airport. San Jae reports Sung Chun's crime. attracting a media blitz; Min Ji is shocked by the news and rushes home with Min Chul. [full guide]

Episode 19

Myong Ja commits suicide over the scandal and San Jae blames himself for her death. Yeon Soo is happy to see Min Chul but Min Chul distances himself on the pretext of taking care of his family. San Jae informs Yeon Soo that she might has a blood disorder and needs to be admitted to the hospital. [full guide]

Episode 20

Sae Na's past catches up with her and affects her career. Yeon Soo pleads with San Jae to keep her illness a secret . She decides to make a clean break with Min Chul and informs him of her decision. Min Chul is disturbed over Yeon Soo's sudden change and enquires about her well-being. [full guide]

Episode 21

San Jae coaxes Yeon Soo to seek treatment, in return he assures her he will take care of Sae Na. Min Chul is disturbed by Yeon Soo's sudden aloofness and presses Na Rae for the reason, he is shocked by the truth and makes a decision to reconcile with Yeon Soo. Yeon Soo is dismayed by his decision and expresses her reluctance. [full guide]

Episode 22

Sae Na is forced to face her real feelings for Yeon Soo when she learns of her illness. Min Chul proposes to Yeon Soo for a second time but she rejects him. Na Rae and Min Ji learn of the proposal and plan for the wedding, Yeon Soo is touched by their efforts and accepts Min Chul's proposal. [full guide]

Episode 23

San Jae plans to rebuild Sae Na's career, Sae Na is delighted and encouraged by his words. Yeon Soo is uneasy about keeping her illness from Sung Chun and Min Ji but Min Chul reassures her. Yeon Soo's illness deteriorates and she collapses in front of her family, reeling them in a state of anxiety. [full guide]

Episode 24

Yeon Soo's illness worsens and her loved ones sets out to locate a suitable marrow donor. Yeon Soo decides to take a risk and agrees to an operation. The operation proves to be a success much to Min Chul's relief. Sae Na accomplishes her dream as a popular singer. [full guide]