Is there an official site for [Beautiful Days]?
Seoul Broadcasting Station (SBS) is the official television station for this drama. Visit the official
website in the Korean language.

Are there any VODs (video-on-demands)?
The Video-on-Demand (VODs) is available at SBS [Beautiful Days] website . Please note that registration is required and it is chargeable at 500 won per episode. However as the site requires a Korean Identification Number for it's registration, only Koreans are able to register.

Are there VCDs/DVDs of this drama in Korean with English subtitles?
There is no such version available at present. Available versions are:
-Korean/Cantonese dual-language mode with Chinese subtitles,
-Mandarin language with Malay/Chinese subtitles,
-Mandarin language with Chinese subtitles.

What is the total episodes for the drama - I've seen VCDs/DVDs with 32 episodes but the episode guide on this site states 24 episodes.
The drama has a total of 24 episodes. The discrepancy in figures should not be a cause for worry as it is caused by editing issues.

I don't want to read the episode guides but I need to know if the drama has a happy ending?
Yes. Min Chul marries Yeon Soo and Sae Na realises her dream as a singer with San Jae's help. Alternatively, this site provides an extremely brief version of the episode guides.

I heard that there is a sequel to the drama. Is the drama sequel released yet?
There is no sequel to this drama. The 'sequel' you mentioned is an unfinished piece of fan fiction written by a Taiwanese fan. It has been translated to the English language by another drama fan. To read the story, join the mailing list at YahooGroups. It has been uploaded under the Files section.

I've seen the drama but I read of a different ending somewhere - did I watch the wrong show?
No. The original script was amended after gathering feedback from Korean viewers. The initial idea was for Yeon Soo to accept San Jae's love and Min Chul seeking revenge on San Jae after the failures in his business and love life.

I read the transcripts on this site but I don't recall watching certain scenes - why?
Each episode that you have watched on VCDs/DVDs or on national television has been edited. The transcripts you read on this site are written in accordance to the original Korean version - without the editing.

I heard so much about the NG scenes, why don't you have it on this site?
This site does not have the bandwidth and space to upload the video files. Try visiting some fan sites of the drama cast, some visitors do upload the video files for viewing on the respective discussion boards.

Does Yeon Soo's favorite painting really exist ?
Yes. The painting is done by one of Korea's renowned artist - the late-Mr.Chang Ucchin (1917-1990). It is one painting in his series of family-themed artwork.

What can you tell me about the communication devices/apparels used in the show?
Communication devices:
- Min Chul: Soloring hands-free
- Yeon Soo: Samsung SPH A4000 cell phone
- San Jae: Samsung SCH X-100 cell phone

- Min Chul and Yeon Soo : Chasecult (identical tee-shirts in Episode 22)
- Min Chul : Chasecult
- Yeon Soo : A.M. Hous and LEE
- San Jae: Carte Branche

What is the title of the theme song?
The title is "Ku Te Twi Ae So" translated as "Behind You". It is the fifth track in the album. There's a instrumental piece on Track 11.

What is the title of the song that San-jae composed for Yeon-soo?
The title is "Yak Sok" translated as "Promise". They are on the second and fourth tracks in the album.

What is the title of the song sang by Sae-na?
The title is "Heaven". It is the third track in the album.

There is a piece of quick-tempo music hummed by a female vocalist - what is the title?
The title is "Remembering Me". The song is written by a pair of talented Japanese instrumental artistes S.E.N.S. and performed by member - Yukari Katsuki. The song can be found in their album [Transparent Music].

There is this song which bears a similar tune to 'Behind You' and 'Please' (in the OST) - what is the title?
The title is "Pu'tak" translated as "Ask" or "Entrusting". An identical version can be found in Zero's album [Out Into The World], titled "Goodbye". Of recent, some online sites are retailing the soundtrack with "Pu'tak" as one of the track.

Is there a place on the Internet where I can listen to the soundtrack?
Visit the Links section for further information.

Where can I purchase the soundtrack online?
Visit the Links section for further information.

I'm curious - what does 'SCAT' means?
A scat version of any song is 'wordless'. It is a mere pronunciation of syllabus like "do-re-mi-fa-so" ; at times, the 'humming' would synchronize with the musical instruments that are used in a song.

Are Ryu Si Won, Zero and Ryu the same person?
No. They are three separate individuals. Ryu Si Won - the actor - assumed the role of Internet musician, Zero but he is not Zero off-screen. Ryu is the singer of [Winter Sonata] soundtrack - he has not taken any acting roles at present - and should not be confused with Ryu Si Won or Zero.

I cannot find anything on Zero - who is Zero?
There is no definite profile on Zero as yet. Since [Beautiful Days], there has been talk on the grapevine that Zero is non-existent but a digitalized voice. There is another version that Zero is a singer who only releases his music on the Internet.

The site editor dug for further clues and realised that Zero probably does exist:

-Zero is one of the lyricist for his song - 'Goodbye'.

-Zero is the lyricist for two songs - 'But Beautiful' and 'In Love with the Same Fool' (translated) in Chae Jung Ahn's 3rd album [Magic] released in 2001. 'But Beautiful' is a duet performed by Chae Jung Ahn and Zero.

-Zero is the lyricist for three songs - 'Heartburn' (translated), "Ka" and 'Last Tears' on the debut album of Korean pop group [Fever]. This album was released in 2002. He is also listed as a chorus singer for this album.

Has Zero release a music album?
Zero's debut album was released in 2001. The 2-CDs album is titled [Out Into The World].

Are there ringtones from the soundtrack?
Visit the Links section for further information.