Until Then Goodbye (performed by Zero and Ryu Si-won)

ch'ang paek han na ui ha nul e su myo tu nun haet pich ku ya no yoss o
na a mu mang sol i opt chi o tum sok ui na lul an a chu oss chi
nae ke po i chi an asso a ni sa sil na nun mit chi an asso
ni ka tto nan kil sul pum sok e pol su iss oss chi
na lul chi kyo ch'un no lul
yak sok han pon mot haess ton chi na kan ch'u ok sok e sa lang i
no ui ma um na ch'o lom nol a pu ke ha ni
kok chong ha nun nal wi hae tol a wa chwo
[so t'un na ui sa lang sok e no man i na lul
nae ma um sok e nam a iss nun pal chi kuk ul tta la wa chwo]##
i tae lo ki ta lil kke
[ch'o um nae on kot ch'o lom nae kyot e so o nu sae no
ham kke ton kot ch'o lom ku ttae kka chi annyong]**
na e ke tol a wa chwo [repeat ##]
ku tae lo ki ta lil kke [repeat **]

(English Translation)
You are the sunshine to my forlorn self
You are willing to embrace me when I'm in darkness
I could not believe when you left me
In my tears do I realise you've been protecting me
It pains me to realise we've never dated
Come back for me for I care for you
Please trace my footsteps like you always knew
I will wait for you just like when you first arrived
Just like we were together so unknowingly
Until we meet again