Beautifully - ever after ?

The production team for "Beautiful Days" had arranged for an early romance between Min-chul and Yeon-soo, with Yeon-soo choosing San-jae in the end. Unexpectedly, Min-chul had left such a deep impression on the viewers that a string of discussions about the love triangle had left their mark on the cyberway. The production team had to follow the trail of Lee Byung-hun's charismatic performance and alter the script to his favour.

However, Lee Byung-hun's passionate screen kiss with Choi Ji-woo had seemingly riled the jealousy of co-star, Ryu Si-won.

Ryu Si-won and Choi Ji-woo , having collaborated on several dramas, were previously voted the "Best On-screen Couple". Their kissing scenes were once the topic of discussions. However, Ryu Si-won was not impressed with Lee Byung-hun's passionate and daring performance, citing an innocent kiss would be sufficient for the scene.

Ryu Si-won was reportedly shocked when he watched the intimate scene and states that he would treat his future kissing scenes with such reality too. However, he was unable to fulfill his wish as the script has not allow any intimate scenes with Choi Ji-woo.