Lee Byung-hun's realistic acting

Lee Byung-hun's role as Lee Min-chul in SBS "Beautiful Days" has sparked a string of interesting comments. His suave image coupled with his remarkable emotional portrayals have tingled the souls of most viewers.

His kissing scene with Choi Ji-woo and the crying scene after he learnt of his father's crime are two of the classic scenes that have warranted such views of his powerful acting.

Lee is probably the only actor who is able to deliver such a tremendous grief with his crying and projects the character's pain to the viewers and leave a lasting memory.

His skilled acting and screen chemistry with Choi Ji-woo have led fans wishing that they are a real couple in reality. Such is the impact of his realistic performance.

His screen kiss with leading actress Choi Ji-woo is being compared to that of Hollywood's standard. Most kissing scenes are being shot with a clever play of the camera but Lee and Choi had delivered the classic scene to perfection with some real smooches.