Lee Byung-hun talks about Beautiful Days

"For the past four months, I've been depending on vitamin pills to sustain my energy while working on "Beautiful Days", it is an arduous project, I felt like I was making 12 movies at the same time."

At the press conference for "Beautiful Days", Lee Byung-hun (31) expressed the tremendous pressure he felt while making the drama : at the completion of the last scene, the entire cast weeped tears of relief that the 24-parter drama has completed successfully, as for Lee, he just wished for a good sleep.

The arduous filming process had taken a toll on Lee's health which resulted in his admission to the emergency unit. And his only concern was that he " does not want his fans to worry over his health".

During the first three months of telecast, "Beautiful Days" rated a high of 25% and according to AC Neilsen, it further rose to a 30.9% ratings on the last episode.

However, Lee Byung-hun attributed the success to the entire cast, especially his co-star, Choi Ji-woo. He confessed that he once assumed " that she is an artiste who only has beauty but after working with her, I realised that she is very hardworking and eager to learn her trade well. She is also remarkably energetic that I pale in comparison to her. I was really taken aback when she revealed that her secret is eating 'wild goats' and she has to cheek to laugh about it and told me that 'drinking sake could mask the smell.'"

With reference to the kissing scene he shared with Choi Ji-woo, he said : "I didn't want to act for the sake of acting, even if it's false I want it to look real. As such I had to pour my entire feelings into it to project the right effect to the audience, anyway, Choi Ji-woo has no complains." (At this, the media roared with laughter)

At the end of the conference, Lee Byung-hun remarked, " How I wish to get married soon, I've even lost count of how many years I've been without a girlfriend, maybe I should start visiting the match-making agency! I'm getting old, I really should be getting married."