Beautiful Days - Behind the Scenes

During the filming of "Beautiful Days", there was once when Lee Byung-hun was smoking when he was taking a break. The cameraman playfully focused the camera on him, when he realised it, he laughed widely and commented: "Why do I always look so handsome ?" Because of his role as Min-chul, it is rare to witness his laughter, if one looks carefully, you will notice he bears a resemblance to American kid actor MacCaulay Culkin, it is no wonder his friends endeared him with that nickname.

In a scene when Lee Jung-hyun's character, Kim Sae-na was performing at an outdoor event, the crowd that had gathered there was actually Lee Jung-hyun's fans. News was spread prior to the filming and attracted a large crowd, the director even went on stage to instruct the crowd how to sway to the beat during Lee's performance.

As filming for "Beautiful Days" was still underway when the show was telecast, the success of the show attracted large groups of fans to the the outdoor filming grounds. Whenever there were scenes of Lee Byung-hun or Ryu Si-won, the crowd would scream loudly despite the constant reminders to remain silent.

Remember the scene when San-jae and Yeon-soo were at the amusement park, the moment when San-jae flipped open her cellular for her number, the phone number was flashed over the television screen. Fans immediately took down the number assuming it was really Choi Ji-woo's phone number and kept calling day and night. In actual fact, the phone belongs to a crew member. Once, when filming was in progress, the phone rang again; Ryu-Si Won snatched the phone and sang the drama's theme song to the caller.

SBS went to the Seoul Lotte World for an outdoor filming for the amusement park scene where San-jae and Yeon-soo were enjoying themselves on the rides. In actual fact, Choi Ji-woo was scared to tears and could not stop crying. Ryu Si-won had to hold her hand and console her like she was a child.