Min-chul and Yeon-soo arrive at the seaside and they confide their feelings for one another. San-jae is unable to find Yeon-soo and checks with Sae-na. Na-rae leaves a message for Yeon-soo, Sae-na overhears her and is angry to learn that Yeon-soo is working at Min-chul's home.

San-jae returns home and see Min-chul and Yeon-soo together. He demands an explanation from Min-chul, Min-chul hints at his relationship with Yeon-soo.

Min-ji tells Yeon-soo about her decision to sit for the entrance examinations but tells her to keep it a secret from her brother for the moment. San-jae is enraged with Min-chul's confession and expresses his feelings for Yeon-soo. He warns her about trusting Min-chul. Yeon-soo is upset with his declaration and confirms her love for Min-chul.

Yeon-soo seeks Na-rae's support in her relationship with Min-chul. Min-chul returns the cell phone to Yeon-soo and surprises her with a kiss.

Sung-chun receives an invitation to attend Muse Records's opening ceremony, Sung-chun tells Min-chul to attend the event . Sung-chun confides to Bong-tal about his fear that Kyong-hee will return someday to seek vengeance.

San-jae is still upset about Yeon-soo's love for Min-chul, however, he wants her to promise that she will come back to him if she realises that Min-chul is unsuitable for her but Yeon-soo stands by her decision.

Jung-hun accompanies Sae-na to Min-chul's home, she tells Jung-hun that she wants to thank Min-chul for his efforts. She sees Yeon-soo and San-jae together and leaves in a huff. Na-rae explains to Sae-na about Yeon-soo's efforts and reassures her that Yeon-soo is in love with Min-chul. Sae-na appreciates Yeon-soo's efforts and assures her that she will do her best, she urges Yeon-soo to clarify her feelings to San-jae.

Kyong-hee hints to Min-chul about her brief acquaintance with Sung-chun and Yong-joon and wants him to inform his father of her return, Min-chul is curious.