San-jae visits Yeon-soo and steals a look at her cell phone number. Min-chul is greatly disturbed to learn about Zero and seeks Yeon-soo's company. Min-chul seeks San-jae opinion about Zero and expresses his determination to locate him. San-jae is disturbed.

Sae-na tells Yeon-soo that San-jae is the little boy at the orphanage and expresses her fondness for him. Fearing another mis-understanding, Yeon-soo refrains from telling her about her friendship with San jae.

San-jae is unhappy that Yeon-soo is frequently giving in to Min-chul. Yeon-soo hints to San-jae that Sae-na likes him and tells him that she is glad that San-jae is by Sae-na's side.

Jung-hun questions San-jae's relationship with Sae-na and is relieved when San-jae denies any feelings for her. Jung-hun mentions that Min-chul has been questioning about San-jae's music interest. San-jae is puzzled by Min-chul's sudden interest in him.

Sung-chun is particularly interested in Sae-na's progress as he thinks that she is talented. Jung-hun secretly tells Sae-na that she and Kum-suk has an equal chance of recording an album, he encourages her to work harder. Sae-na is ecstatic.

Yeon-soo is excited about Sae-na's rapid improvements. Na-rae tells Yeon-soo to stop working as Min-ji's governess, Yeon-soo refuses as she felt she had not help Min-ji as yet. Sensing that Min-chul might be a major consideration, Na-rae advises her that Min-chul is not the right guy for her.

Yeon-soo advises Min-ji to pursue her art education. She tells her of her own dreams to be an artist. Yeon-Soo informs her she will be back later, Min-ji reminds her not to be late or Sung-chun will find fault with her.

Sae-na insists San-jae joins her celebration and he is surprised to see Yeon-soo. Yeon-soo stops by Min-chul's office and sees him sleeping on the couch. She covers him up and awakens him. Min-chul seems pleased to see her and they have talk about her future and dreams. Min-chul is angry when Yeon-soo's cell phone rings. It is San-jae. Min-chul questions her about giving the phone number to San-jae, Yeon-soo is hurt by his reactions and runs out.

San-jae reprimands Min-chul for hurting Yeon-soo and expresses his love for her. He is shocked when Min-chul unveils his identity as Zero, San-jae begs him to keep it from Sung-chun.Min-chul returns the cell phone to Yeon-soo the next day but she refuses to take it back and treats him coolly.

Myong-ja receives a mysterious call, the caller insists on meeting her. She is surprised to see Kyong-hee. Kyong-hee tells Myong-ja that she should reveal San-jae's rightful birth but Myong-ja objects to the idea.

Min-chul reads an incoming message on Yeon-soo's cell phone. San-jae arranges to meet her after work. Fearing that San-jae might express his love for Yeon-soo, Min-chul keeps it from Yeon-soo and insists she leaves with him. When Yeon-soo demands that he sends her home, Min-chul alights her at the bus terminal. Yeon-soo is confused, she turns back and sees Min-chul dejected. Min-chul is relieved to see her.