Min-chul waits anxiously for Zero to appear but is surprised to see San-jae. San-jae is equally surprised but maintains his composure and tells him he's here to look for a friend. Back home, Min-chul wanders into San-jae's room, he asks him if he still plays the keyboard. San-jae tells him he has not played since Sung-chun is against the idea.

Min-chul seeks Yeon-soo's company and drives to the seaside. Yeon-soo is displeased about Min-chul's domineering ways but he ignores her opinion.

Jung-hun tells everyone that they will be performing at the amusement park during the weekend. As their performance will be judged by the audience, he urges them to do their best. Sae-na invites San-jae to attend her performance. Jung-hun is upset with Sae-na's attentiveness over San-jae. San-jae is shocked when Sae-na kisses him.

San-jae and Yeon-soo attend Sae-na's performance together. San-jae buys her a cell phone accessory. Yeon-soo tells San-jae to give Sae-na some encouragement, Kum-suk is jealous and arranges to ruin Sae-na's performance.

Sae-na is upset about the performance and seeks solace with Yeon-soo. Min-ji questions Yeons-soo whereabouts but Min-chul briefly defends her. Yeon-soo tries to explain to Min-chul but he seems reluctant to speak to her.

Kyong-hee meets San-jae and tells him she is a friend of Myong-ja, San-jae tells his mother about her friend but Myong-ja is puzzled.

Min-chul informs Sung-chun about a new competitor, Muse Records. Sung-chun tells Min-chul to stop looking for Zero but Min-chul thinks otherwise. Min-chul pays for Shin Jae-eun's medical treatment. Out of appreciation, her mother informs Min-chul that Zero will visit her daughter before her operation. Min-chul waits anxiously for Zero and is shocked when he sees San-jae.