San-jae tells Yeon-soo to keep a secret about his music, in return Yeon-soo tells him not to reveal to Sae-na about her current employment in his home. Min-chul tells San-jae to hold his drink in future.

Na-rae asks Yeon-soo about Min-chul but she is at loss for an answer. Na-rae reminds her that it is impossible to be with Min-chul and tells her to forget him.

Zero sends an email to reject Min-chul's offer and urges them to stop looking for him. Min-chul learns that there is a girl, Shin Jae-eun who has been writing about Zero, he informs his assistant to look for her as he wants to locate Zero.

Jung-hun dates Sae-na on the pretext of introducing her to someone, Na-rae overhears the conversation and tags along. Sae-na is shocked to discover that San-jae is the boss's son, she is annoyed and is sarcastic towards him. She accepts his explanation and learns that he was the little boy at the orphanage, San-jae is equally surprised about her identity. He is delighted to know that her friend at the orphanage is Yeon-soo.

Yeon-soo brings Min-ji to a mall and displays her artwork. Min-ji is excited about getting paid for her drawings and wants to get a gift for her brother. Min-chul is surprised by her sudden change but is glad about it. Min-chul gives Yeon-soo a cheque to express his gratitude but Yeon-soo refuses. He tells her to draw his portrait and accept the cheque as a payment. However, when she completes he takes back the cheque and asks Yeon-soo if to give him the portrait as a gift.

San-jae is excited about Yeon-soo's identity, he takes out the drawing she had given him and waits for her intending to surprise her with the news. He sees Min-chul with her and hides the drawing.

San-jae tails Yeon-soo to the mall. Yeon-soo sees him and gets his help in choosing a MP3 player for Sae-na. Yeon-soo picks up San-jae's phone and hears Sae-na's voice, to avoid a misunderstanding, she disconnects the call. She informs San-jae about Sae-na's call but he secretly turns off his phone.

Yeon-soo is surprise to learn that San-jae is the little boy as she had always thought that Min-chul was the little boy. They reminisce happily about the past, Min-ji walks by and shows her displeasure. Yeon-soo runs after her and meets Min-chul on the way. Min-ji tells him about San-jae and Yeon-soo but Min-chul is nonchalant.

Sae-na kicks a fuss about San-jae whereabouts the day before, San-jae pacifies her and presents her the MP3 player. Yeon-soo is relieved to learn that Sae-na likes the gift. Min-chul sees San-jae and Yeon-soo sharing a meal. Min-chul is upset and he returns to his room and stares at the portrait Yeon-soo had drawn for him.

Min-chul receives a message that Zero will be visiting Shin Jae-eun at the hospital and rushes to the hospital. At the same time, San-jae rushes out too. Myong-ja receives a bouquet with a message congratulating her and Yong-joon on their 26th marriage anniversary. Myong-ja is disturbed the sender's identity.