Sae-na reads about Zero in a magazine and is excited. Min-chul had arranged for the write-up on Zero, creating a buzz in the music industry and catching Sung-chun's attention. He supports Min-chul's search for Zero and tells him to beat their competitors in locating Zero. Min-chul arranges for Zero's music to be played in the store everyday and moves his office to the retail floor to gauge the customer's reaction towards Zero's music.

Na-rae visits Sae-na and discovers she has fallen ill. She meets San-jae and they send her to the hospital. Sae-na ignores Yeon-soo and tells her that San Jae is her boyfriend. Sae-na confides in San-jae and reveals that Yeon-soo has betrayed her trust, San Jae is upset. Yeon-soo demands to know San-jae's relationship with Sae-na and warns him against hurting Sae-na instead San-jae rebuts her.

Yeon-soo breaks up Min-ji's party and reprimands her. Kum-suk is unhappy with Yeon-soo and argues with her. Kum-suk tries to justify her actions to San-jae but he tells her to leave. San-jae tells Yeon-soo that she should be caring for Sae-na instead of remaining in his home.

Na-rae brings Sae-na back to her home and convinces her to stay with her. Sae-na finally relents.

Min-chul is at the cemetery on his mother's death anniversary, he tells her how much he misses her. Sung-chun has forgotten about the anniversary and instead reminds Min-chul to attend a party that night. He intends to introduce the daughter of a business associate to Min-chul.

Sung-chun is angry to see Min-chul arriving with Yeon-soo and confronts him. Min-chul tells him that he has no intentions of marrying. Min-chul brings Yeon-soo to an art gallery, Yeon-soo is delighted and points out her favorite art piece. Min-chul tells her that it is his mother's death anniversary.

Min-ji sees Myong-ja and San-jae setting up the altar in respect of her late mother's anniversary. She is angry and she smashes everything. She warns Myong-ja not to do that again. San-jae is frustrated and tells his mother to leave with him. San-jae returns in a drunken stupor meets Min-chul and Yeon-soo. Min-chul sends Myong-ja home, leaving Yeon-soo and San-jae. San-jae confides in Yeon-soo.

Min-chul is appreciative of Myong-ja's efforts but tells her not to trouble herself on his mother's next anniversary. He sees Yeon-soo aiding San-jae helplessly. He walks up to them and hurries San-jae along. Yeon-soo sees San-jae playing on his keyboard. San-jae invites her to listen to his music.