Min-chul looks for Yeon-soo and offers her a proposition : he wants Yeon-soo to move into his home to guide Min-ji, in return he will provide Sae-na an opportunity. Yeon-soo takes the subway home and is surprised to see Min-chul too.

Yeon-soo compensates the manager with her savings. Sae-na is enraged and demands her manager to return the money to Yeon-soo but he refuses and wants her to leaves his club. Sae-na writes to Zero about her troubles and is happy when she receives his reply.

Sae-na is penniless and asks San-jae to treat her to a meal. She receives a call from Victory Records and is excited to learn she has been selected, San-jae agrees to pay for her new clothes. In return, she gives him Yeon-soo's ring and promises to repay his kindness upon her success. Sae-na insists on lodging at a motel, San-jae is worried about her safety. Sae-na is happy that San-jae cares for her. Yeon-soo sees them entering the motel together and is worried.

The new talents gathers at Victory Records, Sae-na and Kum-suk is upset about meeting one another. Their music teacher, Oh Jung-hun who has been smitten with Sae-na since the audition, is excited to see her. Sae-na expresses her thanks to Sung-chun and he is reminded of the scalding incident at the orphanage. He is delighted and encourages her to do well in her career.

Yeon-soo's supervisor finds Sae-na familiar, Yeon-soo fears that she will be reminded of the stealing incident and quickly distracts her. Yeon-soo tells Sae-na that she has found a job as a governess and wants her to move in with Na-rae. Sae-na informs Yeon-soo not to acknowledge her in the company.

Yeon-soo appreciates Min-chul's help and tells him to keep their agreement a secret. Min-chul gives her a cell phone and tells her the cell phone is only for both their use.

Na-rae worries about Yeon-soo living with Min-ji but Yeon-soo assures her. Yeon-soo expresses her gratitude to Na-rae for taking care of her. Na-rae promises to persuade Sae-na to move in with her.

Yeon-soo is on her way to Min-chul's house and meets San-jae. San-jae is surprised to learn that she is Min-ji's new governess. Sung-chun is displeased about employing Yeon-soo but Min-chul is adamant about his decision.

Min-chul warns Yeon-soo about his estranged family and hopes she will do her best to guide Min-ji. Min-ji returns and is unhappy to see Yeon-soo. She demands an explanation from Min-chul and reluctantly agrees to his arrangement.