Min-chul sees Yeon-soo crying. He makes an act of wiping her tears against the window. Yeon-soo is taken aback by his sudden actions. She regains her composure and runs after him. She begs him to give Sae-na an opportunity. Min-chul promises to meet Sae-na. Yeon-soo is excited and relieved.

Min-chul sees Sae-na singing in public and is impressed by her courage and persistence. Min-chul returns home and realises that Min-ji had ran out, he chides Myong-ja for not paying attention to Min-ji. Min-chul receives a call and learns that Min-ji is at the police station for spraying graffitti.

Sung-chun sees San-jae secretly playing the keyboard, he is upset and raises his temper. He reprimands San-jae for disobeying his orders to stay away from music and throws his keyboard away. Sung-chun is haunted by Yong-joon's image.

Min-ji apologises to her brother and shows him her graffitti art. Min-chul is impressed and persuades her to enrol into art school.

Sung-chun lashes out at Min-ji who then directs her anger at Myong-ja. San-jae defends his mother and engages into a confrontation with Min-chul. Myong-ja tells San-jae to stop defending her in future.

Min-chul returns to the company and is surprised to see Yeon-soo working. He makes her a cup of tea and Yeon-soo is touched. Min-chul insists on giving Yeon-soo a ride home and enquires about Yeon-Soo's relationship with Sae-na. Yeon-soo's love for Sae-na strikes a chord in him.

Yeon-soo persuades Sae-na to move in with her but she refuses. Sae-na hints to Yeon-soo that she is financially indebted to the manager. She calls San-jae to meet her but he declines. Sae-na turns up at his school to return him his student pass which she had taken. She persuades him to join her for some fun.

Min-chul is impressed with Zero's music talents, he intends to offer him a recording contract but his search for him has proved fruitless. Sae-na is upset that she has not been short-listed in the talent search, she writes an e-mail to Zero to vent her frustrations.

Kum-suk has been shortlisted in the talent search, she and Min-ji celebrates at Sae-na's club Unable to tolerate their tauntings, Sae-na sets fire to their room . Min-chul and Yeon-soo arrive at the scene, unaware that both their sisters had gotten into a fight. Min-chul sends Min-ji home while Yeon-soo pleads with the manager to forgive Sae-na. Yeon-soo is in anguish seeing Sae-na ruining her own life.