Min-ji is shocked to learn of Yeon-soo's condition and blames herself for wearing Yeon-soo out. San-jae consoles her and tells her to be strong for Min-chul and Yeon-soo's sake.

Yeon-soo awakes and apologises to Min-chul. San-jae consoles Min-chul and informs Min-chul that Yeon-soo's condition is worsening. The possible solution is to look for a suitable marrow donor among the others as both Min-chul and San-jae are unsuitable for the donation.

Min-chul and San-jae try their luck in locating an overseas donor while Na-rae, Sae-na and Min-ji insists on taking the tests and rallies among their acquaintances for a suitable donor. The initial test determines a possibility of Sae-na being a donor but they decide to keep it from Yeon-soo till the final results are released.

Na-rae notices Yeon-soo's listlessness and reveals Sae-na's test results to cheer her up. Yeon-soo is delighted by the news and hopeful. Min-chul senses her happiness but is nevertheless worried.

Sae-na's final test results proves to be unsuitable. Sae-na cries over the results, she and Na-rae console one another. Min-chul is deeply saddened, he breaks the news to Yeon-soo subtly and assures her they will be able to locate a suitable donor.

Min-chul receives a call from the hospital about a possible donor. Min-chul and Yeon-soo visit the doctor and are told about the high risks involve if she decides to go through the operation. Min-chul is worried but Yeon-soo insists on the operation. The couple reassures one another and speak optimistically about their future.

Min-chul waits anxiously outside the operating theatre. Yeon-soo finally emerges from the operating theatre, she holds on to Min-chul in her semi-conscious state. Min-chul is overjoyed by the success.

Min-chul, Yeon-soo and San-jae are at the concert. Sae-na is back on the stage performing, she has achieved her dreams of being a successful singer.