Min-chul and Yeon-soo are on their honeymoon trip. Yeon-soo is unwell and slips away, Min-chul discovers her absence and is frantic, he sees her taking a rest and is concerned about her condition. Yeon-soo assures Min-chul that she is well, they have a heartfelt talk about their future.

They return to the hotel, Na-rae hands Yeon-soo a wedding gift before she leaves. Yeon-soo changes into the nightgown that Na-rae has given her but she breaks down in the rest room. Min-chul overhears her cries and is equally miserable but maintains his facade of happiness.

Sung-chun pays his respects to Myong-ja and meets San-jae but his faced with his coldness. San-jae notices his sickly state and helps him home.

Sung-chun is ashamed of his previous attitude towards Yeon-soo, he is glad that Yeon-soo is willing to marry Min-chul and expresses his gratitude to her. Min-ji shows them the room that she has prepared for them, the couple is delighted. Yeon-soo expresses her uneasiness about keeping the truth from Sung-chun and Min-ji, however Min-chul assures her he will tell them in due time.

Sae-na and Na-rae has prepared a feast to welcome Yeon-soo home. Yeon-soo is surprised by their efforts. She meets San-jae and is grateful to San-jae for his friendship.

San-jae plans to rebuild Sae-na's music career and tells Sae-na that he hopes to find his future with her help, Sae-na is delighted by his words.

Min-ji tells Yeon-soo that it is Sung-chun's birthday and she hopes to prepare a feast for him. Yeon-soo agrees and goes to the market with Min-ji. Yeon-soo is worn out and Min-ji is concerned but Yeon-soo assures her.

Yeon-soo hurries to prepare dinner. Min-chul fails to notice her unwell state and Yeon-soo is reluctant to ruin the occasion. She soon collapses in front of her family and alarms everyone.