Min-chul attests his love for Yeon-soo and assures her that he is prepared to bear through thick and thin with her. Yeon-soo is finally convinced of his sincerity and agrees to the reconcilation.

San-jae arrives at the hospital and sees Min-chul, he tells Min-chul to take good care of Yeon-soo. Min-chul is sorry about the turn of events and apologises to San-jae, however San-jae tells him that Yeon-soo's happiness is their main concern. He tells Min-chul to contact him if he needs help in the future.

Min-chul spends the day with Yeon-soo. On reaching home he notices her bleeding nose and is concerned. Yeon-soo reassures him of her condition and and consoles him in return. Na-rae returns and intrudes on their privacy, Min-chul is greatly embarrassed. Na-rae teases Yeon-soo about Min-chul.

Yeon-soo calls San-jae for help with her injections. Sae-na returns and sees San-jae giving Yeon-soo an injection and is puzzled about Yeon-soo's condition. San-jae reveals the truth to her . Sae-na vents her helplessness on Yeon-soo and Yeon-soo consoles her.

Min-chul prays for Yeon-soo recovery and proposes to her again. He hands her the engagement ring which she had thrown in the wishing pond at the airport. Yeon-soo tells Min-chul that she needs to consider his proposal. Na-rae is excited by the news but Yeon-soo tells her she has no intentions of marrying Min-chul. She understands her condition and is not eager to burden Min-chul further.

Yeon-soo informs Min-chul of her decision and Min-chul's attempts to persuade her is futile. Min-ji is delighted by Min-chul's proposal and starts to plan for the wedding. Na-rae tricks Yeon-soo to the bridal studio on the pretext that she would like to try the bridal gowns on a whim.

San-jae tells Yeon-soo that he would like to celebrate his birthday with her. He is aware of the marriage plans and wants to spend the last time together with Yeon-soo.

Min-ji shows Min-chul the wedding invitations that she has designed for his wedding. Min-chul is surprised by his sister's sensitivity and is grateful. Yeon-soo returns home and sees the bridal gown and Min-ji's wedding invitation. She is taken aback by the wedding plans, Min-chul convinces her to turn up at the wedding.

Min-chul waits anxiously for Yeon-soo's arrival and is overjoyed to see her. Sung-chun arrives to witness the ceremony, he notices San-jae and hurries away.