Min-chul is alarmed to see Yeon-soo unconcious and rushes her to the hospital. Just then, Min-ji calls to tell him about Kyong-hee's visit and Sung-chun is agitated. Min-chul tells Na-rae to take care of Yeon-soo while he returns home. Na-rae is puzzled about Yeon-soo's condition and presses for the truth. Yeon-soo awakes and insists on being discharged.

Min-chul returns to the hospital and learns that Yeon-soo has left, he calls her and Na-rae assures him that Yeon-soo is well. Na-rae blames Yeon-soo for keeping it a secret and expresses her fear for Yeon-soo's condition.

Min-ji expresses her wish to study in Yeon-soo's school but Yeon-soo wishes to keep her distance with Min-chul and Min-ji as such she dissuades Min-ji from her intentions. Min-ji is hurt and she leaves in frustration.

Sae-na's publicity schedules have been affected by the media reports. Sae-na is upset and vents her anger by putting up at the club and causing trouble to the manager. He calls Yeon-soo to bring Sae-na home. San-jae looks for Yeon-soo and insists that she seeks treatment but Yeon-Soo is worried for Sae-na. San-jae promises to be responsible for Sae-na's future happiness if Yeon-soo seeks treatment.

Na-rae brings Yeon-soo to Min-chul's new company without her knowledge. Yeon-soo is upset to see Min-chul and rushes out, Min-chul is troubled by her sadness and embraces her. Yeon-soo breaks away. Min-chul presses Na-rae about Yeon-soo's troubles, she finally breaks down and tells Min-chul the alarming news.

Sae-na returns home from a date with San-jae, her happiness delights Yeon-soo. San-jae promises her he will continue to make Sae-na happy and reminds her of her promise to seek medical treatment.

Min-chul arrives at the art school and brings Yeon-soo for a meal. He tells her he intends to continue their relationship, Yeon-soo is bewildered and expresses her objections but Min-chul is persistent. Yeon-soo is grateful for Min-chul's intentions but she discloses that she does not want ot burden him with her illness. Min-chul is concerned and rushes back to see her.