San-jae tells Yeon-soo that she might have contracted leukaemia. Yeon-soo dissuades Na-rae from visiting her at the hospital and assures her that San-jae will take care of her. Sae-na is jealous of Yeon-soo and thinks she has fallen for San-jae but Na-rae is sure that Yeon-soo is still in love with Min-chul.

Yeon-soo is shocked to learn about her illness and wanders alone. She arrives at Min-chul's flat and sees him from afar. Yeon-soo calls Min-chul to meet her, he expresses his unhappiness about her presence but Yeon-soo urges him to accompany her for a day. Min-chul senses that Yeon-soo is troubled and presses her for an answer but she denies. Yeon-soo is unable to supress her emotions and holds on to Min-chul but he is indifferent.

Min-chul questions San-jae about the matter troubling Yeon-soo but San-jae ignores him and tells him not to look for Yeon-soo again.

San-jae finds Yeon-soo at the park and consoles her, Yeon-soo pleads with him to keep her illness a secret from Na-rae and Sae-na, however, San-jae is concerned that she will not be receiving the proper care. Yeon-soo assures him she will be fine.

The club's manager blackmails Sae-na but she refuses to accede to his request, as a result he discloses her past to the media. Sae-na looks for San-jae but San-jae tells her he is busy, in actual fact, San-jae is at her house helping Yeon-soo. Sae-na is furious to see San-jae sheltering his attention on Yeon-soo and vents her anger on Yeon-soo.

Yeon-soo leaves for a short trip and Na-rae is worried when Yeon-soo has not return. She calls Min-chul but he is clueless about her whereabouts, he tells Na-rae to inform him when Yeon-soo returns. Yeon-soo returns and is frustrated by San-jae's concern. Min-chul arrives to see her but she vents her anger on him and tells him to keep out of her affairs. Min-chul is futher convinced that Yeon-soo is troubled but she fefuses to reveal her troubles. Soon after, Yeon-soo collapses.