Yeon-soo's supervisor suspects her of being in cahoots with Sae-na and reprimands her. Na-rae stands up for Yeon-soo and argues with her. Yeon-soo agrees to pay for the stolen merchandise. Na-rae is shocked to learn that Sae-na is the thief.

Yeon-soo attends the post-award celebration reluctantly and notices a young girl making a scene. She restrains her from her drunken act but the girl splashes water on her. Min-chul arrives to take the girl away and apologises to Yeon Soo ; Na-rae is shocked to learn that the young girl is Min-chul's sister, Min-ji.

Sung-chun sees Min-ji in a drunken state and scolds her resulting in an argument. Min-chul is troubled by his sister's rebellious nature. San-jae is upset to see Myong-ja's silently suffering the sibling's hostility. San-jae is affected by the earlier happenings at home and goes for a ride, he knocks into Sae-na accidentally. Sae-na asks for a supper treat which San-jae obliges. Sae-na tells San-jae that she was betrayed by someone dear to her, San-jae assumes it is a boyfriend.

Min-chul meets Yeon-soo and expresses his gratitude for her concern towards Min-ji. Yeon-soo thinks that he is San-jae and stares at him. Min-chul is amused.

Sae-na tells San-jae about her favorite musician Zero. Zero is a musician who publishes his music on the Internet. San-jae invites Sae-na to listen to Zero's music together, this will be his Christmas gift to her. Yeon-soo is hopeful about meeting Sae-na at the tower on Christmas but is disappointed once again.

Min-chul implements a manpower restructure and upsets Bong-tal. Sung-chun tries to intervene but has to agree with Min-chul's plans. Min-chul buys Yeon-soo a new sweater in replace for that Min-ji had soiled. Yeon-soo is reluctant about receiving his gift but Min-chul insists.

Sae-na learns of a singing audition and arrives at Victory Records. She gets into an argument with Min-ji and her friend Hwang Kum-suk. Min-chul tells Sae-na that she is not suited to sing. Faced with Min-ji and Kum-suk's jeering, she dashes at them but Yeon-soo restrains her. Sae-na is sarcastic towards Yeon-soo's concern. She brings Yeon-soo to her living quarters and implies that she is working as a club hostess. Yeon-soo is sad and runs off. Sae-na badly wants to make up with Yeon-soo but her ego proves to be too strong