San-jae expresses his regrets for indirectly causing Myong-ja's death. Yeon-Soo catches a glimpse of Min-chul at the crematorium and searches frantically, she is disappointed when she is unable to see him.

Min-chul is angry to see Sung-chun in a drunken stupor. The scandal has affected his business and it is facing a closure, Na-rae and Yeon-soo are sad about the fate of Victory Records.

Min-chul has moved his family to a smaller unit, leaving Min-ji to take care of Sung-chun. Min-chul sends Myong-ja's belongings to San-jae, San-jae is shocked to see him. Min-chul tells him to keep his presence from Yeon-soo.

San-jae visits Yeon-soo at the art school and sees her weeping as she stares at Min-chul's portrait, it hurts him badly to know that Yeon-soo is still thinking of Min-chul. He attests his feelings for once again.

Sae-na's album has topped the sales chart, she looks for San-Jae to share her joy. Just then, San-jae receives a call from his senior at the hospital. He informs San-jae that he has scheduled an appointment with Yeon-soo for a further medical check but she has missed her appointment. He informs San-jae to bring Yeon-soo to the hospital as there might be a problem with her health.

Min-chul misses Yeon-soo and waits outside her school to catch a glimpse of her. Yeon-soo sees him and rushes down from the bus. Min-chul tells her that this is an incidental meeting and she should not take their reunion seriously.

Yeon-soo shares her joy with Na-rae and Sae-na, Na-rae chides Yeon-soo for not being forthright with Min-Chul. Yeon-soo tells her that she was afraid she might drive Min-chul away with her eagerness.

San-jae's friend confirms that Yeon-soo has a blood disorder and tells Yeon-soo that she should be prepared to be admitted to the hospital for detailed medical checks. San-jae tries to assure Yeon-soo nevertheless she is alarmed.

Min-chul seeks his previous assistants and tells them of his plans for a business venture. They are enthusisatic about his plans and are eager to assist him.

Yeon-soo is overjoyed to see Min-ji. Min-ji tries to convince Yeon-soo that Min-chul still loves her. Just then, she learns from Min-chul that their father is missing. Yeon-soo accompanies Min-ji home and meets Min-chul, he is dismayed to see her. He tells her that he has to devote his time to taking care of his family, as she will only distract him , Min-chul tells Yeon-soo not to visit again.