San-jae rushes home and tells Myong-ja to leave with him. Myong-ja is confused by San-jae's hysteria, just then, Min-chul returns home and witnesses the scene. He knows that San-jae has discovered the truth about Yong-joon's death. To keep Myong-ja from the painful truth, he stops her from going after San-jae. San-jae goes to the hospital and reveals the truth to Yeon-soo, he is seriously troubled.

Min-chul apologises to San-jae for Sung-chun's deeds. San-jae reveals that he intends to expose Sung-chun. Min-chul has no intention of stopping him but pleads with San-jae to wait till he leaves with Min-ji as he fears that Min-ji might not be able to accept the truth. San-jae is surprised to learn that Min-chul plans to leave the country, however, he refuses to accede to his request.

Min-chul secretly waits at the hospital to take a glance at Yeon-soo on the day of her discharge and settles her medical bills without her knowledge, Yeon-soo assumes that San-jae has paid her bills.

Min-chul settles his work at the company and informs Sung-chun of his decision. Sung-chun pleads with Min-chul to stay but Min-chul is disturbed by the fact that Yong-joon's death contributed to the success of Victory Records. He informs Sung-chun that San-jae is aware of the truth.

Kyong-hee prods San-Jae to expose Sung-chun, Sae-na overhears their conversation and is shocked.

Min-ji calls Yeon-soo and informs her that they will be leaving, she urges Yeon-soo to look for Min-chul. Yeon-soo asks Min-chul if his decision to leave her is linked to the truth of Yong-joon's death but Min-chul tells her he is unable to provide her with any happiness and stands by his decision.

Sung-chun intents to reconcile with San-jae but he harshly informs him that he has reported his crime. The statute of Sung-chun's crime has expired and the court has to indeminfy Sung-chun but San-jae is determined to ruin Sung-chun's reputation. San-jae calls Myong-ja and informs her of his actions, Myong-ja is shocked beyond words. Sung-chun returns home to find that Myong-ja has committed suicide.

Na-rae sends Yeon-soo to the airport to have a last talk with Min-chul. Yeon-soo tells Min-chul that she finally understands his intentions and sends him her blessings. Min-chul is saddened when he sees Yeon-soo throws her engagement ring into the wishing pond.

Min-ji hears the news of Sung-chun's scandal at the airport, she is shocked and rushes home with Min-chul.