Yeon-soo begs Min-chul to re-consider but he is resolute about his decision. He drives away in pain, leaving Yeon-soo crying behind him.

Min-chul asks Myong-ja about Yong-joon and her decision to marry Sung-chun. Myong-ja advises Min-chul not to be angry with Sung-chun as she is thankful for his help in the past.

Sung-chun is furious with Bong-tal for revealing the truth to Min-chul and chases him away. An angry Bong-tal meets Kyong-hee at the bar and falls into her trap, he promises to incriminate Sung-chun in a taped admission to Yong-jun's death.

Sung-chun is worried but Min-chul assures him he will not resort to exposing him for Myong-ja's sake. Min-chul tells Min-ji of his plans to move to another country, Min-ji is upset that Min-chul has no intentions of bringing Yeon-soo along. Assuming Min-chul and Yeon-soo had a tiff, she looks for Yeon-soo and tells her of Min-chul's plan. Yeon-soo is shocked by the news. Min-ji arranges for Min-chul and Yeon-soo to meet, she is eager for them to patch up their differences.

Min-chul is upset to see Yeon-soo at the meeting place. He treats her coldly and blames her for not telling Min-ji that they have separated. Yeon-soo renews her pleas for him to stay with her but Min-chul is harsh towards Yeon-soo.

San-jae looks for Yeon-Soo at the art school only to realise that she has not gone to work. He reaches her home to find her ill, he rushes her to the hospital and informs Na-rae along the way. Na-rae is on an assignment with Sae-na and is unable to leave, out of desperation, she calls Min-chul for help. Min-chul rushes to the hospital but sees San-jae accompanying Yeon-soo, he chooses to stay away. Hearing Yeon-soo calling for Min-chul in her sleep, San-jae calls him but Min-chul has already turned off his phone.

Min-chul arrives home to find San-jae waiting for him. San-jae is disgusted with Min-chul's coldness towards Yeon-soo and punches him. Min-chul is worried for Yeon-soo but purportedly antagonizes San-jae.

Sae-na is jealous of San-jae's concern for Yeon-soo and starts a quarrel with him. Na-rae pacifies her and reveals that she is aware of her feelings for San-jae, however, San-jae seems to have a liking for Yeon-soo. Sae-na expresses her hatred for Yeon-soo, Na-rae tries to explain Yeon-soo's predicament.

Kyong-hee hands San-jae the taped conversation between Sung-chun and Bong-tal. San-jae is badly shocked that Sung-chun had murdered his father.