San-jae confronts Yeon-soo about her engagement and tells her to re-consider her decision. Yeon-soo is upset about his reaction and confirms her love for Min-chul and she will not regret her decision. Sae-na arrives and is further angered by San-jae's persistence, she slaps him in anger.

Bong-tal has been stealing the unreleased albums from Victory Records and selling them to pirate vendors. Min-chul discovers his crime and warns him he will be taking action against him. Bong-tal seeks help from Sung-chun and he threatens to reveal the truth about Yong-jun's death if Sung-chun refuses to help him.

Min-chul visits Yeon-soo at the school ; sensing his anxiety, Yeon-soo teases him and assures him that she will make him happy.

Sae-na visits San-jae and is disturbed to see that he is still troubled by Yeon-soo's engagement. She confides her feelings for him and encourages him to forget about Yeon-soo.

Min-chul informs Myong-ja of his engagement to Yeon-soo. Myong-ja is delighted by the news and sends her blessings. Min-chul's assistant informs him that Sung-chun has been selling off his property and had given Bong-tal the money. This piques Min-chul's curiosity and he confronts Sung-chun, however, Sung-chun's brushes the matter away.

Intending to settle the problem with Bong-tal, Min-chul informs Yeon-soo to wait for him at the church as he will be late. Min-chul informs Bong-tal that he is lodging a report with the authorities with regards to the theft. Bong-tal begs Min-chul to retract his decision, as a desperate measure, he baits Min-chul with Sung-chun's secret.

Yeon-soo is delighted by Min-ji's presence at the church, Min-ji offers her blessings and hopes Yeon-soo will take good care of her brother. They patiently wait for Min-chul's arrival.

Min-chul's thoughts are consumed by Bong-tal's revelation, he is unable to believe that Sung-chun had committed murder. He rushes home to confirm his findings with Sung-chun. Sung-chun's confirmation to the crime pains him deeply. Min-chul approaches the church wearily, he sees San-jae leaving the church. San-jae's dejected form prompts him to make a drastic decision and he turns away from the church.

Min-chul is unable to erase the truth from his mind, he wallows in a drunken state. Yeon-soo waits for Min-chul, gripped with fear with his sudden disappearance.

Yeon-soo finally receives Min-chul's call, he asks her to meet him in his hotel room. Yeon-soo arrives to find Min-chul in a devastated state, yet he refuses to divulge his troubles. Min-chul holds on to Yeon-soo and cries. Min-chul is beyond words providing an explanation to Yeon-soo, he asks her to leave.

Yeon-soo remains in a daze waiting patiently for Min-chul's call, he finally calls and asks her to meet him. Min-chul apologises to Yeon-soo and calmly tells her his decision to break off their engagement. Yeon-soo breaks down and urges him to retract his decision. Min-chul refuses to give in to her although it pains him deeply.