Min-chul confronts San-jae but San-jae is adamant about his actions, he tells Min-chul that he is no longer the person before. Yeon-soo consoles Min-chul and he confides in her. Sung-chun sees them together and is irate by their relationship, Min-chul is furious with Sung-chun's interference. Yeon-soo is humiliated and cries in her room. Min-chul affirms his love for her.

Sung-chun tells Yeon-soo to leave and disapproves of her relationship with Min-chul. Min-chul sees Yeon-soo weeping and rushes after her but she avoids him. Na-rae consoles her and tells her she will be leaving Victory Records as she has a new position at Muse Records as Sae-na's manager.

Min-ji is troubled to see Yeon-soo leaving and persuades her to wait for Min-chul's return. Sung-chun tells Bong-tal to send Yeon-soo off and gives her a cheque despite her rejection. San-jae witnesses the scene and is angered. Min-chul is angry that Yeon-soo has moved out because of his father but Yeon-soo tells him that she has done so because she is unhappy about Sung-chun's criticism towards their love.

San-jae expresses his anger towards Min-chul and regrets his initial decision to leave Yeon-soo with Min-chul and warns him he will not hesistate to woo Yeon-soo. Sung-chun is angry that Min-chul had visited Yeon-soo. Min-chul informs him that he intends to leave with Min-ji. Min-chul confesses to Min-ji that Yeon-soo is in fact his girlfriend. Min-ji is excited by the news.

Yeon-soo returns to the company to collect her personal belongings. Min-chul insists on giving her a ride and brings her to a hotel room and proposes to her. Yeon-Soo is touched and agrees. Yeon-soo shares the good news with Na-rae and Sae-na, Sae-na presents Yeon-soo her debut album as an engagement gift.

Sae-na is high on the popularity polls and the media has given preference to promoting her album. Min-chul offers his congratulations to San-jae on his success and invites him to attend his engagement ceremony. San-jae is shocked by the sudden news and he vents his anger in his studio. Sae-na is saddened by his behaviour and tries to console him. He rushes to Yeon-soo's house and tries to dissuade her from marrying Min-chul.