Min-chul and Sung-chun are shocked to see San-jae at Muse Records. Min-chul tries to dissuade San-jae about assisting Kyong-hee and invites him to help him at Victory Records but he rejects. Min-chul warns him that Kyong-hee has an ulterior motive in getting his help.

The competition between Victory Records and Muse Records intensifies. Min-chul and San-jae race against time to groom Kum-suk and Sae-na respectively to gain an upper arm in the music industry.

Yeon-soo learns that it's Myong-ja's birthday, she calls San-jae to return home to spend the day with his mother while she make arrangements to leave them alone. Yeon-soo tells Min-chul to buy some flowers for Myong-ja as it is her birthday. Min-chul feels that it is too late to make amends but Yeon-soo insists.

Min-chul visits Min-ji at school and is delighted with her progress, he spends the day with her and Yeon-soo. Yeon-soo gives Myong-ja the flowers and she is surprised and touched by Min-chul's thoughtfulness.

Yeon-Soo attends Sae-na's recording session and has a talk with San-jae. He tells her he has given up his studies and assures her he will take care of Sae-na. Yeon-soo tells Min-chul about her visit to San-jae's studio, she is unaware of the growing rivalry between the brothers.

Sae-na is enthusiastic about her album and she hints to San-jae about her feelings for him. Muse Records holds a media conference for Sae-na and her performance impresses the media, Yeon-soo is excited to witness her achievements. Kyong-hee announces that San-jae is the talented Zero, embarassing Min-chul.