Kyong-hee is heart-broken seeing San-jae drowning his sorrows. San-jae refuses to go home and puts up at Jung-hun's home. Kyong-hee visits San-jae and offers him a position at Muse Records. Sae-na is puzzled by Kyong-hee's presence ; she introduces herself and hints that she is close to San-jae.

San-jae has not return home for days and Yeon-soo is concerned. Min-chul sees her waiting at the gate and reassures her. She tells him that she hopes that he and San-jae are able to resolve their differences.

Myong-ja tells Min-chul that San-jae will not be returning home in future, she breaks down and reveals San-jae's birthright. Min-chul is angered about living under his father's callous lies over the years.

Sae-na has won the talent contest organised by Muse Records. Yeon-soo apologises to Min-chul about Sae-na and for keeping's San-jae's birthright a secret. Min-chul is eager to meet San-jae and tells Yeon-soo to inform him if she meets San-jae.

Sae-na invites San-jae to her celebration party, Yeon-soo informs Min-chul to meet San-jae. San-jae hopes Min-chul will take care of Myong-ja on his behalf while Min-chul expresses his regrets about mis-treating him.

Sung-chun is worried that Kyong-hee will soon learn the truth behind Yong-joon's death, however Bong-tal reassures him and believes San-jae will relent for Myong-ja's sake. Kyong-hee convinces San-jae to help her at her company, she tells him that Sae-na can release her album if San-jae is involved in the music production.

Sae-na tells Kyong-hee that she wishes to work with Jung-hun as she thinks that he is Zero but Kyong-hee reveals the truth to her. Sae-na is deeply hurt that San-jae had kept his identity a secret and confronts him, resulting in a quarrel. San-jae calls Yeon-soo and learns that her happiness is greatly affected by Sae-na's success.