Yeon-soo regrets her actions towards Min-chul, San-jae sends her home and tells her to make up with Min-chul however Min-chul is reluctant to listen to her explanations. Yeon-soo is further hurt when Min-chul retains his indifference towards her.

Sae-na attends an audition by Muse Records and leaves an impression with Kyong-hee. Sae-na asks Min-chul about her album plans but Min-chul replies negatively and tells her to stop using Yeon-soo as a reason for helping her. Sae-na is offended by his words.

Myong-ja asks Yeon-soo to deliver some clean clothes to Min-chul as he has not return home for a while. Yeon-soo obliges and is happy to have a chance to see him. Yeon-soo tries to explain but Min-chul tells her to leave. Yeon-soo is deeply hurt and weeps outside his door.

Sae-na's audition at Muse Records is successful. Min-chul is unhappy about it tells Yeon-soo that Sae-na has breached of contract and he will terminate her contract if Sae-na does not give him a favourable reply. Yeon-soo is disturbed by his aloofness towards their relationship.

Kyong-hee is disappointed to learn that San-jae prefers to forget the past, before he leaves she gives him the Yong-joon's albums. San-jae assures his mother that he will forget the past. He returns to his room and listens to his late father's works.

Yeon-soo waits for Min-chul and talks to him but faces his anger and insensitivity. Yeon-soo calls Na-rae and confides in her. Yeon-soo has decided to move out of Min-chul's home and resigns from the company. She is concerned about Min-ji and feels uneasy about leaving her now just as she is getting a grip in life. Yeon-soo buys her the necessary books for her future studies and Min-ji is puzzled about the rush. Yeon-soo finally breaks down, alarming Min-ji.

San-jae is shocked to learn that Yeon-soo is leaving, he informs Min-chul but he is nonchalant , in actual fact he is disturbed by the news. Yeon-soo tells Min-chul about her decision and Min-chul accepts it with cool composure.

San-jae helps Yeon-soo with her luggage and tells her he has planned a farewell party for her. He brings her to the park to see the cheery-blossoms. He secretly calls Min-chul to meet Yeon-soo at the park and warns him he will not hesistate to woo Yeon-soo if Min-chul fails to turn up.

Min-chul is disturbed by San-jae's remarks and rushes to the park searching for Yeon-soo. They finally meet and embrace each other. San-jae sees them from afar with mixed emotions.

Kyong-hee reveals that the success of Victory Records had rode on the death of Yong-joon. San-jae is shocked by the news and seeks Myong-ja's confirmation. Sung-chun realises the seriousness of the matter and he blames Myong-ja for not denying the truth.