Myong-ja finally reveals the truth to San-jae about his real father, San-jae is shocked and finally understand the reason behind his mother's marriage to Sung-chun.

Min-chul gives Yeon-soo a contract meant for Sae-na, Yeon-soo understands that Min-chul is doing it for her but he refuses to admit his concern for her. Min-chul notices the picture of Yeon-soo and San-jae at the restaurant's notice board. He is clearly upset but keeps his frustrations to himself.

Na-rae gives the contract to Sae-na on behalf of Yeon-soo and hints that Yeon-soo had probably went through lots of trouble to secure the contract. Sae-Na is not excited as she is contemplating attending an audition at Muse Records.

Min-ji passes some sarcastic remarks at Yeon-soo and Yeon-Soo's supervisor takes the opportunity to bully Yeon-soo. Min-chul's indifference hurts Yeon-soo and she reveals her insecurities about their relationship to Na-rae.

Min-chul tells Min-ji he intends to introduce someone to her but refuses to disclose the identity despite Min-ji's pestering.

San-jae asks Kyong-hee about Yong-joon. Kyong-hee confirms his doubts and shows him the albums produced by his father. Min-chul arrives at Muse Records and is disturbed by San-jae's presence. Min-chul is angry with San-jae and accuses him of plotting against their business, he refuses to accept San-jae's reason for being at Muse Records. He also warns San-jae not to meet Yeon-soo in future.

Yeon-soo's concern for San-jae displeases Min-chul. He shows her the picture taken at the restaurant and blames Yeon-soo for not keeping a distance with San-jae. Yeon-soo is upset about his remarks and rejects his initial invitation to dinner. Min-chul tells her he intends to tell Min-ji that Yeon-soo is his girlfriend. Yeon-soo is surprised by his words and agrees to attend the dinner.

Yeon-soo sees San-jae leaving for a trip and is concerned for his well-being, she follows him to the bus station .

Min-ji is curious about their guest but Min-chul tells her to be patient. Yeon-soo calls Min-chul and tells him she is unable to meet him. Min-chul is upset and tells Min-ji to return home. San-jae tells Yeon-soo that he is not Min-chul's blood brother however he has decided to forget about the past and continues with his present life.

San-jae is reluctant to return home and Yeon-soo accompanies him to the company. Min-chul returns to the company and sees Yeon-soo taking care of San-jae, he flares into a jealous rage. He vents his anger at Yeon-soo and gets into a fight with San-jae. Yeon-soo stops the fight and tells Min-chul to leave, Min-chul is unable to accept Yeon-soo's attitude towards him.