Min-chul looks into Kyong-hee's past and learns about Yong-joon's death, he is surprised to see Myong-ja in the funeral's photo.

Na-rae tells Yeon-soo that she has a chance as an artiste manager and might work with Sae-na in future. Min-chul informs Kum-suk that she is choosen to record an album based on the results of the weekend performance. Sae-na is furious the decision and kicks up a fuss. Na-rae and Yeon-soo are startled by the news.

San-jae sees Sae-na weeping and consoles her. He sends her home and meets Yeon-soo. Sae-na vents her frustration on Yeon-soo.

Yeon-soo has a date with Min-chul, Min-chul sees them together and invites San-jae for dinner. Min-chul hints to San-jae about his affections for Yeon-soo, just then, he receives a call and has to leave. The waitress takes a snapshot of Yeon-soo and San-jae, as none of them wants the picture, it is left on the restaurant's board.

Min-chul questions Sung-chun about Kyong-hee but he tells Min-chul not to mention the issue again. Min-chul assumes both Sung-chun and Myong-ja had betrayed their spouses even before their deaths.

Kyong-hee looks for San-jae and tells him that she is aware of his secret but San-jae denies. Kyong-hee gives San-jae a ride home, Min-chul sees them and warns San-jae about being over-friendly with their competitor.

Min-ji discovers the portrait that Yeon-soo has drawn for Min-chul. She accuses Yeon-soo of seducing Min-chul and tears up the portrait. Min-chul returns and sees Yeon-soo crying, he holds her in silence.

Knowing that Kyong-hee is searching for Zero, Min-chul announces that Jung-hun is actually Zero. Sung-chun learns about Zero's true identity and flares up in anger.